BlueDot Technology - Enterprise Managed Services

Complete IT Services for Your Business

Outsourced IT
BlueDot offers complete, end-to-end information technology services for businesses of all sizes.

We support all operating systems, networking, storage devices, web and application services, backups, disaster recovery, virtualization, and public cloud services.

Service Providers
Our unique expertise offers hosting and service providers the opportunity to expand their service offering, implement hosting, improve performance, and reduce cost.

We are experts in enterprise application hosting, Oracle VM, cloud integrations, performance, and security in multi-tenant environments.


Complete system and network support for your business. With services from BlueDot, you can be sure your office network, data center, and applications are secure and stable.


For hosting companies, Oracle service providers, MSPs with a narrow focus; We work with you to expand your services, implement hosting, and reduce operating costs to keep you competitive and profitable.


Design, implementation, and support services for your private or public cloud.

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We manage network, systems, storage, and applications so you can stay focused on your core business needs.

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We provide managed backup and disaster recovery services to minimize risk, and keep downtime to a minimum if disaster strikes.

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OpenSource, custom monitoring solutions for alerting and trending. Know how changes affect your systems and know when issues occur before your users do.

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Complete professional and managed services for your business critical virtualization platform. Keeping your Oracle applications accessible and high performing.

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Architecting solutions for any IT project, keeping on time and on budget.

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